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Introduction to Wales

South Wales

No longer the dreary coal-exporting port as it was so often depicted in the 20th century, Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is hot and happening -- one of the most attractive cities of Britain to visit. Cardiff (Caerdydd in Welsh) is a large seaport built on the tidal estuary of the Taff River.

Enriched by the Industrial Revolution, it eventually declined after World War II with the closing of coal mines, railroads, and factories. The old industrial city long envisioned has been replaced by a progressive, inviting modern port, as exemplified by the new waterfront along Cardiff Bay. Here you'll find renewal at its best, with restaurants, hotels, and a hands-on exhibit, Techniquest.

Cardiff can also be your launching pad for the treasures of South Wales. This area in recent decades has turned a bright, new face to the world and is no longer known for its depressing stories of slag heaps, dreary cottages, and denuded hillsides that were once proudly forested.

In fact, it is imbued with some of the great beauty spots of Britain: the Brecon Beacons National Park, 835 sq. km (519 sq. miles) of beauty and pleasure grounds with nature reserves; Gower Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty stretching for 23km (14 miles) from the Mumbles to Worms Head in the West; and, finally, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, one of the smallest national parks of Britain (only 362 sq. km/225 sq. miles) but an area acclaimed for its coastal scenery.

On the western side of Cardiff, the city of Swansea on Swansea Bay of the Bristol Channel, seems a natural starting place for a visit to Southwest Wales. After a sojourn in the immediate vicinity of the port city, the beautiful peninsula of Gower, Swansea's neighbor, draws you westward. You'll see where Dylan Thomas, the country's outstanding 20th-century poet, was born, and then move on to the west to Laugharne, where the poet lived, wrote, and is buried.

Swansea is on the western edge of West Glamorgan county. When the counties of Wales were realigned and consolidated in 1973, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, familiar names in Welsh history, became part of Dyfed County, an even older designation for the area they occupy. In this southwestern corner of the country, you'll be introduced to the land of St. David and Celtic crosses, of craggy coastlines and the cromlechs marking the burial places of prehistoric humans.

In addition to Swansea, you'll find two more excellent bases outside Cardiff -- Tenby, one of the most famous coastal resorts of Wales, its charm and character dating from the Middle Ages, plus St. Davids, a tiny cathedral city, birthplace of the patron saint of Wales.

Two major attractions that you may want to seek out even on a rushed visit are Pembroke Castle, oldest castle in West Wales, and seat of the earls of Pembroke, and Tintern Abbey, in the Wye Valley, founded in 1131, once one of the richest and most important monastic houses of Wales.

The northern periphery of South Wales is actually called Mid Wales, but because Wales is such a small country, this region is grouped in this section for the convenience of touring. All its attractions can easily be explored while you are based in South Wales or you can transfer there for overnight visits.

The scenery of Mid Wales is rich and varied. Wide beaches and craggy promontories, from which you can see all the way to Ireland over Cardigan Bay and the Irish sea, outline the western reaches. Forests, foothills, moors, mountains, and gently rolling meadowlands are all part of this beautiful section of the principality. For a long time it was impossible -- well, almost -- to drive from the Welsh-English border to the sea in much of this area, as its parts were linked only by the old drovers' tracks across the Cambrian Mountains, along which farmers took their sheep and cattle to the markets. The interior, much of it heavily wooded and with deep river valleys and ravines, holds tranquil little farms, villages, and traces of religious centers and mining enterprises.

North Wales

North Wales is a rewarding target for those willing to seek it out. Distinctly different from England, it is linguistically and culturally different from most of Britain and is known for its beauty spots, a land of mountains and lakes interspersed with castles. The most powerful of the Welsh princes held sway here, and the land remains staunchly nationalistic even to this day. British families flock to the coastal resorts on holidays, especially in July and August, whereas others prefer to seek out the footpaths of Snowdonia National Park.

Mountain peaks and steep wooded slopes, spectacular estuaries and rugged cliffs brooding over secluded coves, lakes, little rivers, and valleys with tiny towns looking as if they were carved out of granite -- all these join to make up Snowdonia National Park. The park, with slate mines, moors, heavy forests, mountain lakes, grain fields, and pastures, swift-moving rivers, and sandy beaches, takes its name from Snowdon, at 1,085m (3,560 ft.) the highest peak in Wales and England. Most of the Snowdonia area is in the County of Gwynedd, once the ancient Welsh kingdom of that name. Its prince, Owen ap Gwynedd, never agreed to let himself be reduced to the status of baron under the English kings. Because his terrain was mountainous and wild, it helped him stave off an invasion by forces accustomed to fighting on flat land.

The rocky, majestic crags of Snowdonia National Park are rivaled by the mighty walls and soaring towers of Caernarfon Castle, the best example of castle-building in medieval Wales. Caernarfon (formerly spelled Caernarvon) and its neighbors, Anglesey and the Lleyn Peninsula, reaching out from its northwest and west, are all part of the County of Gwynedd. Legends of holy islands and druidical mysteries flourished among the Celtic peoples who lived in this area in long-ago centuries.

Many of the native-born people of this region are of blood stock little changed over the centuries. Most are bilingual, with English as their second tongue, and signs are usually in both languages.

The County of Clwyd, which occupies northeastern Wales, has miles of sandy beaches along the north coast; highland ranges, peat bogs, and deep valleys lush with greenery in the center; coal country to the southeast; and industry, agriculture, and sheep farming in the section nearest the estuary of the River Dee and the English border. What is now Clwyd (by order of Parliament since 1973) was before that time Denbighshire and Flintshire.


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-Heaven's net is wide but lets nothing through.天网恢恢,疏而不漏。

-You wanted me,here I am.你要见我,我就在这。

-It is an honor to serve you.为您服务是我的荣耀

-Tell me, what troubles you?告诉我,什么在困扰您?

-Swift as a breeze, fierce as a gale.如微风般迅速,如狂风般猛烈。


-Victory lies over there!胜利近在咫尺!

-The sky is but the beginning.天空只是开始的地方。

-Here I come!我来了!

-I agree.我同意。

-As you wish.如您所愿。



-This will be over soon!这很快就结束了!

-They leave me no choice.他们没给我其他的选择。

-It's too late now.现在太晚了。

-All talk, no skill.光说不练假把式。

-Prepare for redemption!准备偿还吧!


-This is the destiny they have chosen!这是他们所选择的命运!

-Is this their mightiest warrior?这就是他们最伟大的武士了吗?

-I'm afraid you're in my way.恐怕你挡我的路了。

-A new challenger.一个新的挑战者。

-Behold,the sun rises!看,太阳升起了!

Yunru 云茹


-This isn't a place for kids.这不是小孩子待的地方。

-Why am I not in the Centurion?我为什么不在百夫长里面?

-Why yes! Yes I am..呃,是!我是...

-Knowledge is power.知识就是力量。

-They expect a lot of me, don't they.他们对我期望很高,不是吗?

-If I have to do this, I'll do this right!如果我不得不做这件事,我就会把它做得正确。


-And there she goes, she said.就这样她走了,她说道。

-But this thing's heavyyyy! Oh wait..但这东西很重!哦,等等。

-Here I go again, on my own.我又来了,独自一人。

-"Oh look, it's Yunru THE SCIENTIST".“哦看那,这里写着云茹——科学家”

-It's not like I'm a POTENTIAL TARGET.看起来我不像是个潜在的目标。

-So what I have an exosuit?那又怎么了,我有保护服。


-Na-a-a! Wrong way.不不!走错路了。

-I'm not killing you. They are.我没有要杀你。他们才是。

-This wouldn't happen if you stayed away.如果你离远点,这就不会发生。

-Yes, yes, I'll stop them.是,是,我会阻止他们。

-Move no more.别再动了。

-You're not going home today. Neither am I..你今天回不了家了,我也不...


-We'll have to settle this the hard way.我们得凭自己的努力安装这个。

-Try dodging THIS.来躲避这个试试啊。-You should have payed attention.你该注点意的。

-Earth Breaker field test, start!大地破坏能量场测试,开始。

-I warned you, but you would not listen.我警告过你,但你不听。


-Where's the Centurion?!百夫长在哪?

-How can this be?这怎么可能?

-But I'm only seventeen!但我只有十七岁啊!


Volkov沃尔科夫 (hero)


-Why do we wait?我们为什么要等?

-Bring them to me.把他们带到我这儿。

-Leading the Soviet war machine.带领着苏联战争机器、

-I feel.. revitalized.我感到...恢复力量了。

-Nikola would be proud.尼古拉沙皇会感到自豪的。

-Capacitors fully charged.电容器完全充能了。


-What? Nobody to kill?什么?没人可以杀?

-Of course.当然。

-I cry back to Stalin's times我呼喊着要回到斯大林时代。

-I come and they run我来了,他们就跑了。

-Just like the old days.就像那昔日。

ATTACK-tesla rifle特斯拉来复枪

-Now you die.现在你去死吧。

-Need shock therapy I see?我看,要点电磁震动疗法?

-More fools!更多的笨蛋。

-One by one!一个一个杀!

-Kill them all!把它们都干掉!



-Brave, but foolish.勇敢,但很愚蠢。

-Meek worms!温顺的虫子!

-Is this all you have?你有的就这些吗?


Morales (hero)莫拉斯(一堆西班牙语...)


-Viva la confederation!拉丁联盟万岁!

-El colonel Morales!是上校!莫拉斯!

-My duty is to the people.我的职责是为了人民。

-Ye tengo preparando!准备好了!

-Ready and waiting.就绪,等待中。


-It shall be so.该是如此。

-The revolution marches on!**进展中!

-Vamos, vamos!走,走!

-As fast as I can!我尽量快!

-En movemento!前进中!




-I miss my girl, but I won't miss you.我想我的姑娘,但我不会想你。

-Stop, drop and roll gringo.停下,丢下武器,然后滚,外国佬。

-My blood is boiling, theirs is leaking.我热血沸腾,他们却在流血。

-Adios muchachos!再见,男孩们!

-One clean shot in the head and they're dead.往脑袋里漂亮的一枪,他们就死了。




-Fireworks for everyone!给每个人看的烟火!

-Leave only ruins!什么也不要留,只有毁灭!


-Raze it to the ground.把它夷为平地。

-Me gusta.我爱你(???)


-It's getting hot in here!这里变热了!

-Tsch, nothing but cabrones!切,全是白痴!

-They do not scare me!他们吓不到我!

Malver (hero)马尔翁


-Who needs to die?谁需要死?

-Nothing lasts forever.没有什么能永恒存在。

-My blade for Yuri.我的刀为尤里效劳。

-Do you think the darkness is your ally?你认为黑暗是你的盟友吗?

-Hope and despair.希望和绝望。

-Malver, at your service.马尔翁,为您效劳。


-The shadows belong to me.阴影为我所有。

-Together, we are unstoppable.一起来,我们所向披靡。

-Under the guidence of Scorpion Cell.在天蝎组织的领导下。(应为guidance,但原文如此)

-I can feel their presence.我能感觉到他们的存在。

-Bring me to them.把他们带到我这里。


-He won't be missed.他不会被错过的。

-Only the foolish die young.只有傻子才英年早逝。(……)

-Time to close those eyes.是时候闭上他们的眼睛了。

-Only I will hear their screams.只有我会听到他们的尖叫。

-You have my permission to die.你有我的许可,可以去死了。


-They stand no chance.他们没有机会。

-The weak shall only grow weaker.弱者只能变得更弱。

-Use every subterfuge.用尽每一个诡计。

-They will all fall.他们都将被杀死。

-Even the mighty shall fall. 即使强者也会逝去。


-Impossible! 不可能!

-I've been spotted!我被发现了!

-Merely a flesh wound.只不过是一点皮外伤。

-You only delay the inevitable.你只是让无可避免的事发生得晚了点。

-I'll have his head for this!我会取他的首级,让他为此付出代价!

Libra (hero)天秤


-Heeeeeey.. come out to plaaaayeeeaaaay.嘿——出来玩啊———

-What. Is it?那,是什么?

-Why are you so annoying?你为什么如此烦人。

-I'm bored.我无聊了。

-Can I kill them? Pleeeeeease?我可以杀了他们吗?行——不?

-Can't you all just shut up?!你们就不能都闭嘴吗?!


-Yes, Proselyte.好的,异教徒。(这个词有特殊含义吗?)

-Why can't we go the other way for once?我们为何不走一次其它路呢?

-Hmph, fine.嗯,好的。

-Ooh, a nice place to visit!喔,一个不错的参观点!

-Eh, this will do for now.哦,目前可以。

-The floor is lava!地面成了滚滚岩浆!



-*sweet but a bit maniacal laughter* *甜蜜但狂热的笑声*

-I am not amused.我不感兴趣。

-Things that go kaboom.. you!那些东西炸掉…你!

-Are we having fun yet? ARE WE?!我们玩得高兴吗?是吗?

-Don't worry, Libra won't hurt you.. too much.别担心,天秤不会伤害你…不会伤的太重。


-See, you CAN fly!懂吗,你会飞!

-Got youuuuuuu!抓到你了——!

-Everybody dance now!大家跳舞吧!

-Up you go!走你!(…)



-I don't think I want this!我不认为我想这样!

-Make them stop!!让他们停下!!

-Why won't you just kill yourself!你怎么不杀了你自己!

-That's too much!太严重了!

-Stay.. AWAAAAAAAY!离我..远点————!

Libra Clone天秤克隆体

-Epsilon we serve.我们效忠厄普西隆。

-In Yuri we trust.我们信奉尤里。

-We'll die if we must.如果必要,我们会献身。

-As long as we're useful.只要我们有用武之地。

-Peas in a pod.一个模子里刻出来的。



-As Yuri dictates.正如尤里所说。

-We move.我们走。

-Commence distraction.开始干扰。

-We are underway.我们在路上。

-In full view.一目了然。

-Can they see us now?他们现在能看见我们吗?


-These are real, right?这些是真的,对吗?


-Enough skill to use them.我们的技艺足够使用它们了。

-Just like her.就像她一样。

-We will not be ignored.我们不会被忽视。

-Battle mode.战斗模式。


-Our dance is almost perfect.我们的舞蹈完美极了。

-Good enough to fool them.足够愚弄他们了。

-Perhaps they will flee?或许他们会逃走。

-It's about the presentation.这和奉献有关。


-There will always be more.总会有更多的。

-We cannot be killed.我们不能被杀死。

-We will return.我们会回来的。

Rahn (hero)拉恩

Headquarters 总部守卫


-Tell me what you want. 告诉我你要什么。

-Survival of the fittest.. so they must alldie!适者生存,所以他们都得死!

-Even weak minds can attain strong bodies.即使是脆弱的思想也能获得强壮的肉体。

-Soldiers are made, not born.战士是打造出来的,不是天生的。

-Do you feel in charge, proselyte? 你觉得该你负责了吗,proselyte?

-The meek shall inherit the dirt! 弱者将化为尘土!


-Let's get this over with.咱们把这麻烦解决吧。

-At least you didn't hesitate.至少你不犹豫。

-This might be worthwhile.这可能会值得。


-What are we waiting for? 我们在等什么呢?

-For the path..为了路。


terranova beam “大地新星”光束

-All equally worthless! 全都一样的没用!

-Death is not the end of you.死亡不是你的结局。

-Can you take THIS?!你能承受这个吗?!

-Consume those pathetic weaklings! 毁掉这些可悲的弱者!

-Ah! Such beautiful screams!啊!多么动听的尖叫啊!

-Aahahahaha! 啊哈哈哈!


-Hahaha! A worthy specimen! 哈哈哈!一个有价值的标本啊!

-So you think you can compete? 那么你觉得你能干成吗?

-Join me! It's not too late! 加入我吧!还来得及!

-They try but theywill fail! 他们努力了,但终将失败!

Irkalla 伊利卡拉空中要塞



-Irkalla rises. 伊利卡拉升起。

-Shaping the land of the dead. 塑造死亡地带。

-The end of the world as they know it. 正如他们所知,这是世界的终结。

-We listen, Proselyte. 我们听着,皈依者。

-Aerial Fortress, operational. 空中要塞,运转正常。

-*calm, sinister laugh* *冷静而阴险的笑*


-Yes, we agree. 是,我们同意。

-Everything is under control. 一切都在控制之下。

-Our thoughts exactly. 正是我们的思想。

-Of course. 当然。

-Wherever they are. 不管他们在哪。

-We'll take them under our wings. 我们会像母鸡对小鸡那样照顾他们。


terranova beam 大地新星光束

-Welcome to the underworld. 欢迎来到冥府。

-Commencing extermination. 开始清除。

-They must be killed. 他们必须被杀死。

-Yuri wills it. 尤里意愿如此。

-No opposition. 没有反抗。

-They will watch. They will learn. 他们会看的,他们会学的。

Siegfried (hero) 西格弗里德

Euro Alliance 欧洲联盟


-Next? 接下来?

-Time waits for no man. 时间不等人。

-Tempus fugit. 光阴似箭。(拉丁文)

-Guten tag, Commander. 您好(德语),指挥官。

-The weak shall die and that is all. 弱者就该死,就是这样。

-Zeitgeist active. 时代思潮活跃。


-Acknowledged. 同意。

-That's almost interesting. 那几乎是很有趣。

-Is this all there is to it? 这不是关于它的一切吗?

-And then.. nothing happened. 接下来,什么也没发生。

-I must hurry. 我必须赶快。

-Move. 移动。

攻击1 chrono cannon 超时空炮

-Is this it? 就这样吗。

-Be gone. 走了。

-This will be a waste of time. 这会是对时间的浪费的。

-Perish. 死亡吧。

-Can you see this, Professor? 您能看见此情此景吗,教授?

-It will be over quickly. 这很快就会结束了。

攻击2 chrono bubble 超时空泡

-We'll hold here for the time being. 我们目前会坚守这里的。

-Aaaand stop! 哎,停下!


-Irregularities detected! 探测到无规律性!

-Time to get out of here! 该离开这里了!

-Warpaway mode! 瞬间传送模式!

XBOX360 游戏推荐



1. 幻城杀手

2. 真三国无双4

3. 职业棒球魂

4. 搏击玫瑰XX

5. 天外魔镜Ziria

6. 金属战犬

7. 妖精公主

8. 雷神之锤4

9. 360麻将

10. 炸弹人零点行动

11. 装甲战记

12. 天诛360

13. 反爆行动

14. 蓝龙

15. 暗黑行动

16. 动物园管理员

17. 失落的星球之极端状态

18. 九十九夜

19. 真名法典2

20. 三国封神

21. 勇闯尸城

22. 生化危机5

23. 装甲核心4

24. 鬼魂力量3

25. A列车进行曲

26. 机动战士高达

27. KOF极度冲击之无辜的愤怒


Call of Duty 2: Big Red One 使命召唤:红一纵队

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness 恶魔城:黑暗的诅咒

From Russia With Love 007:俄罗斯之恋

Sea World: Shamu's Big Adventure 海洋世界:海豚大冒险

Star Wars: Battlefront II 星战:前线2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare 忍者神龟3:变异噩梦

The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer 超人特攻队

Without Warning 无从戒备

11月2日 "Ed Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures" "Ed Edd 和 Eddy的混乱大冒险"

11月7日 College Hoops 2K6 大学篮球2K6

The Matrix: Path of Neo 黑客帝国:尼奥之路

11月8日 Ford vs. Chevy 福特追逐赛

Gun 枪

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 哈里波特与火焰杯

Karaoke Revolution Party 卡拉OK革命

11月14日 Stargate SG-1: The Alliance 星际之门:联盟

The Apprentice 学徒

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe" 纳尼亚传奇:魔衣橱

11月15日 Aeon Flux 魔力女战士

America's Army: Rise of a Soldier 美国军队:士兵的荣耀

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 06: Kill or Be Killed 美式足球经理

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 Bundle 热舞革命

Half-Life 2 半条命2

Metal Slug 5 合金弹头5

Need for Speed Most Wanted 极品飞车:最高通缉

Pac-Man World 3 吃豆世界3

Rogue Trooper 侠盗骑兵

Shadow the Hedgehog 音速刺猬:Shadow

The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout 拳皇94复刻版

The Matrix: The Path of Neo Limited Edition 黑客帝国:尼奥之路限定版

True Crime: New York City 真实犯罪:纽约

True Crime: New York City Collector's Edition 真实犯罪:纽约珍藏版

World Racing 2 世界赛车2

11月16日 American Chopper Full Throttle 摩托竞速

11月17日 Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition 极品飞车:最高通缉黑色限定

11月18日 Samurai Shodown V 侍魂5

11月21日 50 Cent: Bulletproof 50分:防弹

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie 彼得杰克逊电影金刚官方游戏

11月22日 Crime Life: Gang Wars 犯罪生涯:帮派之战

SnoCross 2: Featuring Blair Morgan 雪地穿越2

11月29日 DMZ North Korea 北朝鲜非军事区

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure 红犀牛:嬉哈狂潮

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones 波斯王子:王者无双

三: 即将推出的游戏介绍:

1。 赛车游戏《无限试驾》

《无限试驾(Test Drive Unlimited)》发售日期


本作借助了XBOX360的强大机能,游戏画面效果十分出色。游戏小组共得到了全球50多家厂商的150多辆真实跑车的授权资料,从目前公布的资料来看,本作的登场的所有车辆几乎都是SUPER CAR等级的超级跑车。由于获得了官方的资料,本作车辆的动力以及操作性能也完全与真车无异,玩家在《无限试驾》中可以感受到完全真实的操作感觉。


2。 《战地2:现代战争》即将于4月11日发售。




3。 Ubisoft制作的空战模拟类游戏《炽天使 二战空骑兵(Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII )》XBOX360版发售日为2006年3月28日。

炽天使 二战空骑兵》的游戏背景设定为二战时期,玩家将扮演盟军的王牌机师,空军中队队长参与二战时期的各大著名战役。在游戏中共有40架以上的二战时期的战斗机,每台战斗机的机能以及驾驶舱的布局都不相同,玩家将驾驶这些战斗机转战于世界著名的空战战场,在这些战场中玩家可以清楚的看到该地区的标志性建筑,例如艾菲尔铁塔,巴黎圣母院,伦敦大桥等等,在近乎真实的战场中战斗投入感十足。

4。 圣地亚哥制作室就开始着手开发了一款可以发挥XBOX360画面实力的游戏。这就是《乒乓球》(暂名)此作抓住乒乓球紧张感、速度感和兴奋感的作品。Rockstar很希望知道全世界对于他们这款全新作品的反应。他们希望能够做出一款伟大的游戏。


5。 著名电影《教父(The God Father)》终于也被世界最大游戏开发商EA游戏化。以20世纪40年代末到50年代初的纽约为背景的《教父》拥有独特的世界观,丰富的场景。玩家将在这个游戏中完成一个又一个的任务,提高自身的知名度,夺得“教父”之位。多平台游戏《教父》的发售日暂定为2006 年第一季度。








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